Cancer Treatment

Cancer or Neoplasia or Tumor is a condition where the body cells tend to multiply uncontrollably. The body sometimes goes against its own kind and creates an imbalance leading to poor quality of life. Some tumors don’t spread and remain confined to a location, these are termed benign. Others may spread uncontrollably to various or all organs, these are called metastatic tumors. Any tumor can at any time interchange into any kind of tumor. This requires a great deal of patience and persistence to treat and manage. At Bishop Gate, we have to treat both kinds of tumors with surgical removal of benign masses or tumors as well as use chemotherapeutic agents to treat metastatic tumors. A thorough physical exam and diagnostic testing are required to get to the origin and type of the tumor. Certain masses have to be sent to the pathologist for specialized input prior to initiating any surgical procedure or chemotherapy.