This is a very important procedure in the life of a Pet. This helps them to:

Prevent unintentional mating
Prevents breast cancer and prostate disease later in life
Prevents uterine infections and testicular cancer
In certain situations prevents behavior issues

Time at which these procedures are performed:

Though done routinely, these are major procedures. We recommend all Spays and large neuters have pre-surgical blood work done and be placed on IV fluids. This minimizes anesthetic risk.

All surgeries are monitored by trained technicians in presence of our Doctors

Post-operative pain control is our forte’. We don’t want our furry partners to chew away at the incision so they are protected with a neck collar.We place sub-cutaneous sutures (hidden) to minimize irritation. Exceptions are there when skin sutures are required (very hyperactive dogs, very large breed dogs)


Appointments can be made with the front desk. We would like to examine the pets prior to surgery
All vaccines should be up to date.
If you are not our client, no problem, bring your paperwork indicating vaccination history and or past issues, if any.


Though we do require all spays and large neuters to be on IV fluids and have pre-surgical blood work done, we have placed them as options, due to differing financial situations. However, we do strongly recommend getting IV fluids and pre-surgical blood work done to minimize anesthetic risks.